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Vintage Ale 2018

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This year’s Vintage Ale is a celebration of Fuller’s long-lasting friendships with the hop growers, merchants, and maltsters of the UK. It has been brewed using exclusively home-grown ingredients. The beer’s passionfruit, grapefruit and mango notes might be synonymous with the ‘new-world’ hops of America and Australia, but the beer’s tropical flavours, in fact, come from the British Olicana® variety. Alongside Olicana®, Ernest hop from Kent has been added to the brew – a variety that brings apricot, citrus and spicy notes. There are also herby, pine and earthy flavours to discover, from the classic combination of Target, Goldings, Challenger and Northdown hops.

 As all Fuller’s malting barley is sourced exclusively in the UK, the malts are also in-keeping with the British theme of this year’s recipe. Vintage Ale 2018 sees the return of Maris Otter malt, a key feature in many Vintage Ale recipes of years gone by. Crystal malt, meanwhile, lends the beer its rich biscuit sweetness.


500 ml

ABV 8.5%

IBU 40

4.3 units per bottle

Malts: Maris Otter and Crystal

Hops: Olicana®, Target, Goldings, Challenger and Northdown

Contains Malted Barley

Store upright in a cool, dry place between 2- 25oC

Allow to settle upright for 72 hours after delivery

Serve between 11-13oC, pouring slowly, leaving any sediment in the bottle

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