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Imperial Collection Gift Set

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Why not give someone the Imperial Collection Gift Set - a fantastic present for the discerning beer drinker. These three limited edition, bottle conditioned beers, are brewed to mature, with their flavours developing over time and are presented together in a Fuller's gift box. 

Imperial Stout has a rich, dark appearance with distinct chocolate and cherry notes. For a modern twist on the 18th century classic, rose buds have been added to the brew. the hint of Turkish delight this delivers perfectly complements the floral character of the Centennial hops.

Imperial Porter is Fuller's imperial-strength take on this 19th-century London favourite. With a complex malt make-up, this beer offers the smoky, mocha flavours of our classic London Porter. The addition of black treacle to the brew brings with it a sumptuous layer of velvety caramel, which nicely offsets the hop bitterness.

Imperial IPA is a revived style of beer that pushes the boundaries of well-hopped, high-strength ales. Our unique take sees UK hop varieties Target, Goldings and Fuggles added to the copper at multiple points during the brew, delivering a piney, earthy aroma and a distinct edge of bitterness. For extra intrigue, we’ve also added a hint of black pepper - giving the beer a unique spicy twist.

  • 1 x 500ml Imperial Stout ABV 10.7% 5.4 Units Contains Malted Barley and Oats
    1x 500ml Imperial Porter ABV 10.0% 5.0 Units Contains Malted Barley
    1x 500ml Imperial IPA ABV 10.5% 5.3 Units Contains Malted Barley
    1 x Fullers Gift Box

  Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18.

While they are crafted to be enjoyed as soon as they reach you, these 'bottle conditioned' beers continue to condition well beyond their official ‘best before’ date due to the yeast that we include in the bottle.

This second fermentation results in a more complex character and a flavour profile that will change over time.

How to enjoy your Bottle Conditioned Beer

As part of any delivery process, the liquid and sediment in the bottle will have been disturbed during transit. It is important that you let the bottle stand on its base for at least 72 hours before opening it.

Open the bottle and pour the beer slowly into a glass held at an angle. Slowly straighten the glass as you pour. To avoid sediment entering the glass, stop pouring before reaching the bottom of the bottle. If you prefer a smaller head on your beer, wet the inside of the glass before pouring.

We recommend that these Imperial Ales are served at cellar temperature (11-13oC) in a wide rimmed glass that allows you to enjoy the aromas as you sip it. 


If you plan to store the bottles to enjoy in later years, you should store them upright to ensure any settling happens at the bottom of the bottle. It will also be ready to drink whenever you wish. Store your Imperial Ales in a cool, dry place where the temperature will not drop below 2oC or go above 25oC.

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