Fuller's & Friends 2019

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True friendship knows no bounds, so this year we opened the gates of the Fuller's Griffin Brewery to the world for this very special collaboration. We invited six of our Brewing friends - three from our own backyard and three from further afield - to share their inspiration, expertise, and ingredients. The resulting collection is an electric mix of beer styles - old and new, from near and far. These six beers were brewed with one purpose in mind: to be shared and enjoyed with friends.

Fullers + Mack - Kroke, Herbal Lager (Tromso) // Alc. 5.0% Vol. Named after the Norse word for 'Crowberries', these sloes come fresh from the Arctic Circle and give this crisp, pale gold lager a slight tartness to offset its sweet, honeyed notes.

Hops - Goldings, Meadowsweet herbs and Crowberry juice

Fullers + Magic Rock Brewing - Misprized, Oaked Mild (Huddersfield)// Alc. 4.5% Vol. Mild - an undervalued beer style? Not any more. In a celebration of this classic English style, we've tweaked a traditional recipe from 1920. Overall, it's a rich, malty masterpiece (and that's putting it mildly).

Hops - Fuggles

Fullers + Pilot - Huvvy Dug, Wee Heavy (Edinburgh) // Alc. 7.4% Vol. A Caledonian classic, this wee heavy is made using six malts - with not new world hop in sight. Smooth caramel and biscuit notes come to the fore in this rich, full-bodied ale.

Hops - Saaz and Bramling Cross

Fullers + Stone & Wood - Way Down Ale, Australian Ale (Byron Bay) // Alc. 5.8% Vol. The hops that make this fruity ale aren't just from down under. Our Aussie mates have selected a trio of Tasmanian hops that combine to create a beautifully balanced beer.

Hops - Enigma, Vic secret and HPA16. All are Australian hops and HPA16 is not yet released commercially, it is a trial hop

Fullers + Woodstock Brewery - Love on the Run, Session IPA (Cape Town) // Alc. 5.0% Vol. The hop forward IPA is the perfect marriage of London town and Cape Town. The African Queen hop and native African cereal Sorgham are combined with British hops to create a very sessionable IPA.

Hops - Bramling Cross and African Queen. African Queen are hops from Africa

Fullers + Tiny Rebel - Respect Your Elders, Mosaic ESB (Newport) // Alc. 6.0% Vol. Old Brewery meets new Brewery and bonds over their mutual appreciation of ESB.- that's the story behind the beer, which gives the classic style a contemporary twist.

Hops - Cascade and Mosaic

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